Project Phases

Anticipated Construction Phases and Traffic Impacts 

  • The project was designed to be built in five (5) basic phases with some phases having sub-phases.
  • The contractor has received permission to combine some of the phases into three (3) phases to ensure timely completion.
  • Part or all of some phases may be combined or may overlap to ensure timely construction.
  • All construction is weather permitting and is subject to change without notice.
Closure of Alameda Arroyo Trail at US 70 North Main Street

Phase 1 (combined with Phase 3A) 

Build Eastbound Alameda Arroyo Box Culvert; Widen, Mill and Fill Eastbound Construction Zone
(Except Arroyo Crossing)

  • Close Alameda Arroyo trail crossing 
  • Eastbound traffic maintained at 35 miles per hour through construction zone 
  • Eastbound traffic reduced to left lane from Spitz/N. Solano to Elks Drive/N. Triviz except in area around bridge at Alameda Arroyo trail crossing.
  • Westbound traffic reduced to 35 miles per hour through construction zone
  • Westbound traffic reduced to one lane near Alameda Arroyo so detour pavement can be built and to cross over traffic due to closure of area near bridge
  • Once detour pavement is built, traffic will be crossed over so the existing bridge and eastbound lanes can be demolished.
  • Build eastbound Alameda Arroyo box culverts
  • Install temporary traffic signal at the US 70 North Main Street/Elks & N. Triviz intersection
  • Mill rest of eastbound area for resurfacing to end of project
  • Widen eastbound roadway
  • Build US 70 eastbound lanes, sidewalk and outside curb and gutter

Estimated Duration of Phase 1: 16 weeks (4 Months)

Phase 2  (Combined with Phases 4A & 4B)

Build Westbound Alameda Arroyo Box Culvert Embankment; Storm Drainage and Manholes

  • Alameda Arroyo Trail Crossing remains closed
  • Build detour pavement in median 
  • Shift eastbound and westbound traffic across new eastbound Alameda Arroyo concrete box culvert
  • Demolish existing westbound lanes over Alameda Arroyo
  • Build westbound Alameda Arroyo box culvert
  • Build additional storm drainage and manholes
  • Install a storm drain crossing protected by temporary wall barrier
  • Mill rest of westbound area for resurfacing to end of project
  • Widen westbound roadway
  • Build US 70 westbound lanes, sidewalk and outside curb and gutter

 Estimated Duration of Phase 2: 17 Weeks (4 months, 1 week)


Phase 3 (Combined with Phase 5)

Build Storm Drain, Manholes and Alameda Arroyo Box Culvert Medians as well as Crossover Location

  • Alameda Trail Crossing reopens
  • Build storm drain and manholes and new median when storm drain is complete
  • Build new median and remainder of medians
  • Install storm drainage crossing
  • Both eastbound and westbound traffic on US 70 will have left lanes closed with two lanes open
  • Remove temporary detour pavement near Alameda Arroyo crossing and other crossovers

 Estimated Duration of Phase 3: 6 Weeks (1.5 months)